I have been engineering Internet-based software and applications to create value for clients' businesses for twenty years. On some projects, I work alone. On others, I integrate with teams.

My favorite projects create tools to take advantage of computing and collaboration to deliver user-friendly, data-centric web applications. Also, I co-founded, built and sold an Internet-based subscription business in athletic recruiting.

Your website should streamline workflow for you, your employees and your customers.

Recent Clients & Websites


Huso Interactive is just me and my experience building websites and problem solving. For the past few years, I've focused on working with Drupal and DevOps. Lately, I've also started using AngularJS and Node.js to build hybrid web/mobile apps.

For more details about my professional experience and technical skills see Troy Dohner's profile on LinkedIn and Drupal profile.



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I'm going to help you get your project going and I'm happy to jump in at any stage of your project. When we talk be prepared to answer challenging questions about your business and your project like... For your upcoming project, choose your top two of the three following concerns: Cost? Timing? Quality?

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Huso == "Spindle"

Huso is a spanish word, definition: spindle.
1. Any of various mechanical parts that revolve or serve as axes for larger revolving parts, as in a lock, axle, phonograph turntable, or lathe.
2. A solid generated by the revolution of a curved line about its base or double ordinate or chord.
This concept drives our web applications to tie your business processes together and improve your relationship with your customers.